Pair of 4FT Gen2 ROKIT LED Bluetooth and remote whips

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These 4FT whips (Rock lights bought separately) These Whips may look all innocent but don’t let them fool you!! they are the Meanest, Brightest things out there! and come with the latest features! Comes with the ability to use either the Bluetooth app with 40 presets made up of the greatest patterns! don’t let the number 40 fool you within those 40 patterns you have so much control you can make thousands of different patterns and completely change/ customize these whips to do pretty much whatever you want. the Remote allows you to preset any of those modes into 9 preset buttons to save your favorites for a on the go quick change! 14 of the patterns can dance to the music, comes equipped to use with turn signals and brakes!
As a ROKIT SXS customer you receive the following:
1 – Our Lifetime Manufacturer Defect Warranty 2 – 50% off BRAND NEW whip replacement coverage on customer caused breaks.